Property Leasing Lawyer & Attorney

The negotiation of the terms of the lease between landlord and tenant is the first critical interaction between a landlord and a potential tenant. In such a crucial interaction you need the skill and experience of a Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn real estate lawyer. Your Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn attorney will assist you by taking into account market conditions, location, and uniqueness of the space in negotiating the most favorable arrangement for either landlord or tenant. Among the issues your Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn attorney will negotiate for you are:

  • Protection clauses for you as the lessee.
  • Lease termination conditions.
  • Commercial eviction defense.
  • Exclusive use clauses.
  • Non-compete agreements.
  • Fair insurance provisions.
  • Renewal clauses.
  • Rental vs. Useable Space Lease Term.
  • Annual Rent Security Deposit.
  • Construction and Completion.
  • Who is responsible for Repairs.

With these issue addressed from the very beginning, a total understanding of each parties responsibilities is gained, and most disputes are avoided. Please contact Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn to arrange for a review of the lease you are considering, and representation in lease negotiations.